What is Teen Life Coaching?

A teen life coach is someone who creates a safe space for teens and tweens to explore their struggles, seek answers, develop tools to help them to create a life of success, confidence and happiness. As a result of working with a teen life coach, teens will make better decisions in all areas of their life by learning how to love themselves and becoming empowered.

Teen life coaching is goal directed life coaching and mentoring, where the coach works closely with the teen to identify goals and obstacles and guide them towards a more self-motivated, passionate and fulfilling life. The teen life coach helps tweens and teens work on their goals for the future and to create a life path. We work together as a team in a creative process that inspires the tween/teen to maximize their personal potential. The teen life coach will help them to improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives by listening, observing, eliciting solutions and strategies and in supporting the enhancement of skills.

Just think about what the definition of a “coach” is; someone who is encouraging, teaches discipline, refines skills and wants nothing but the individual’s success. Maybe this is why so many teens and tweens are open to having a coach; who wouldn’t want someone in their corner!

Let’s be honest, the pressures of everyday life are difficult and often times very challenging for everyone; especially tweens and teens. Some of the regular stressors that they deal with on a daily basis include:

    Who Am I?

    Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

    School Stress and Academic Pressure

    Direction and Future


    Friendship Challenges (growing apart, betrayal, conflicts, competition etc.)

    Pressure–Self-Imposed and Peer Pressure

    Navigating Sex, Dating and Relationships

    Body Image & Self-acceptance

    Family Relationship Issues

    Family Conflict

    Personal Leadership and Self-Responsibility

    And So Many More

Below you will find a list of the benefits of working with me, a teen life coach

As your teen’s life coach, I will help them deal with life’s ups and downs in a proactive way. I will help them to identify what is getting in the way of feeling and doing their personal best. Sometimes it’s something within themselves like poor self-esteem, lack of motivation, procrastination, disorganization, shyness, minimal follow through on things they start, etc. and other times it’s a particular circumstance like stress over poor grades, about a relationship, confusion and uncertainty about their future, trouble with a friend, sibling, parent’s relationship, etc. Then I will help to design a specific plan to improve their situation with the many life coaching tools that will work for them and their unique situation. Finally, I will help them to use these new tools and life skills in their everyday life in order to help them to achieve their goals. Throughout this process we will work together and I will guide them on this journey.

We know and are all aware that life’s demands; pressure to do well in school, desire to fit in, having a social life, drugs, drinking, cliques, getting into college – or maybe not wanting college, relationship issues, sex, social media etc. are not going away. These are all a part of growing up and the teenage years. But with the strategies and tools that I will provide them, your tween/teen will be equipped to face their future with hope and happiness and gain these benefits.

    Increased self-esteem and self- awareness

    Improved decision-making ability

    Enhanced relationship with parents and friends

    Better communication skills

    New friendships

    Improved grades and work ethic

    Organization and time management skills

    Understanding between choices and consequences

    Future planning and vision

    Realization of potential and goals

    Positive self-expression and self- acceptance

    Identity formation and independence

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